Friday, 10 July 2009

Miss University Organiser 'So-much-ass'

'We are here for education not for your ejaculation'

One of the slogans of our protest, considered ridiculous by some- surely a university beauty pageant is about celebrating brains AND beauty, formerly brains. In case the scouting for girls on campus, facebook feed of pictures of girls in dresses, and numerous allegations of lechery were not enough, the seedy motivations behind the pageant are revealed in Amjad's (of One to One entertainment, masterminds of Miss University pageants) act of cyberobjectification in his year in pictures, an album entitled 'So-much-ass', the lead picture of a girl pulling down the back of her trousers.

See and write comments if you can.

First Miss SOAS then 'SO-much-Ass'- Amjad has been at SOAS for something like six years now, it is becoming it is for one reason- to make money out of selling its women through his champagne quaffing sexist events.

Women have fought to be even at university. 20 years ago you would lose your grant if you got pregnant, now we are out performing the men academically but this resurgence of beauty pageants, wet t-shirt contests, and now generic dance contests, lady's nights and numerous free-entry-if-you-dress-like-a-slutty-rodent are if not clearly, then subliminally designed to get us if not back in the kitchen, then back in the bedroom where according to this 'So-much-ass' attitude is where we belong.

At NUS Women's Conference and NUS LGBT conference we passed progressive policy against objectification through these sexist events, and to campaign against advertising by companies like Sub TV that plays in our union bars. This links to further policy passed to fight for free education, and against corporatisation of the education system so that students have control over our education establishments , so they represent us and not market demands.

We must get these corporate sexist events, advertising agencies, and promoters masquerading as students, out of our unions if we are to stand as equal to men in our lectures and tutorials. University is meant to be an equal platform of opportunity from which to spring into later life. On this platform, companies, and especially students must not be allowed to sell other students for profit.

Come to our activist training day 12th of September, so we can learn to set up societies, plan actions, and prepare for freshers week- where Amjad and co will most certainly be fliering in a campaign to curtail YOUR freedoms. More details to follow....

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