Thursday, 9 July 2009

Sky News and Rape Crisis in Crisis

I am scandalised at Sky's 'The Woman Who Cried Rape' documentary 7/7/09- contact OfCom now! However, I am not very surprised, considering the general quality of journalism Sky display, and the type of advertising they use, it would be quite frankly inconvenient for its viewers to think of 'consent' as anything other than consent to be objectified and dehumanised (much as in a pageant... argh don't get me started)

The issue under dispute was that the woman was so drunk she kept forgetting the details and thus there were inconsistencies in her case, and there was a lack of evidence, and she ended up being convicted for perverting the course of justice. Sky has therefore exposed themselves an instrument of the oppressors rather than vehicle of emancipation for the oppressed- as all responsible journalism surely should be, pushing for accountability and transparency of the system under which rape occurs.

No wonder conviction rates are so low- 1/20 and Boris is continuing the cull of Rape Crisis centres despite election promised to the contrary. When have sky ever documented this?????? Journalists should be investigating the social attitudes, media representation, law enforcement agencies, binge drinking culture, and most importantly the objectification and villainisation of the victims of rape, that all contribute to its cause, fail to instigate its prevention or being perpetrators to justice.

Subject for socially responsible journalism- 'The Tory who cried social progress'- join Mind the Gap for actions against the GLA consultation on Rape Crisis 20th of June (more details to follow) and now of course targeting Sky news....

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