Monday, 3 August 2009

Boris finally announces funding for Croydon... but still fails to deliver what he promised

Boris Johnson has announced that the GLA will make funding available to Croydon and set up another centre in Ealing. While this is a step in the right direction, we were promised THREE MORE centres in London, not one.

Yet again this is being spun as a funding announcement while what we're actually seeing is Boris renege on a promise - he will still not be spending the full amount of £744, 000 per year (£2.2m over three years) which he originally promised to set up three more rape crisis centres and maintain Croydon.

See this fantastic article in The London Paper for more details - aparently the video 'has become an unlikely YouTube hit'.

Johnson said £375,000 will be made available over three years to support the Ealing centre, while £260,000 will be spent boosting the Croydon helpline.

The money comes from £1.4m set aside earlier this year as part of his drive to combat violence against women.

But it is unlikely to silence his increasingly vocal critics, who want the mayor to meet the full amount he promised before coming into power.

Another Guardian comment article calls the video an ' impressive exercise in citizen journalism'.

Massive thanks to everyone involved in the campaign - we are making ourselves heard! Let's keep up the pressure to get what we were promised and continue to campaign for sustainable funding for the Rape Crisis network.

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