Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Vice Chancellor advises to 'enjoy' female students as 'Perks'


There has been some appalling sexism in the last few days from the VC of Buckingham University. The story is also being run on the BBC and is likely to be reported more widely over the course of the day. It is worth reading the fword’s take on it as well.


***Write to the Chair of the Governing Council demanding Kealey’s full and comprehensive apology – Mark your email ‘FAO Chair of Governing Council’ and send here:

***Send NUS Women's Campaign your stories – Have you experienced sexism from leering professors? What do you think about Kealey’s comments? What is it like to be a woman in education? NUS will publish them anonymously in the next few days. Send here:

***Get online and on message boards and kick up a huge fuss about this. Forward to all your friends and make sure the story stays in the news until there is a full apology from Kealey.

Forwarded from NUS Women's Officer- statement here:

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