Friday, 30 October 2009

Workshop TOMORROW- 'Fighting the New Sexism and Homophobia on Campus'

Beth Evans, co-founder of Mind the Gap: London Student Feminists and Trans Rep of Oxford LGBT will be facilitating a workshop


In response to the spread of sexist culture on campuses – from Miss University contests to pole-dancing classes – and the recent wave of homophobic attacks in London and Liverpool, we have added a new workshop to the conference agenda.

with Judith Orr – author of Sexism and the System
and Tami Peterson – from NUS LGBT campaign and Birkbeck SU

2.45-3.45pm at the Conference 'ANOTHER EDUCATION IS POSSIBLE' tomorrow, at SOAS

Another Education is Possible Conference
Saturday 31st Oct, 11am-5.30pm, SOAS

Education is under attack. As the recession bites and the bankers make off with their
billions, it is universities and colleges that are at the sharp end of the cuts. Across the country, departments are being closed, courses cut and lecturers sacked. As funding is slashed, 100,000 students who applied for university were left without a place
this year. Youth unemployment has hit a million—and one in five young people
have no job or education. And the government could soon try to lift the ‘cap’ on top-up fees,
creating a free-for all where the cost of education could double, triple or worse. But when we fight, we can win—the wave of student occupations proved that. We need to
come together to build.

Our conference will be hosting workshops on the battle for education, fighting fascism, challenging the new sexism and homophobia on campus, how to organise an occupation, plus more. Speakers include Terry Eagleton, Judith Orr, Lowkey, Joe Glenton, Vestas worker- see the full timetable below!

Lunch will be provided by the SOAS detainee support group.

Entrance is £5

Opening 11am-12noon

The battle for education
Terry Eagleton
Lynda Nwike Stop the Cuts at Kings campaign
Alison Lord Tower Hamlets college, Branch Chair UCU, Poplar Site
Phemie Mattheson NUS NEC

Workshops Round 1 12noon-1pm
1. After Question time –how do we fight the BNP? Lowkey musician/LMHR
Anindya Bhattacharyya Unite Against Fascism
Assed Baig President Staffordshire SU

2. From Palestine to Afghanistan - resisting imperialism and war
Lance Corporal Joe Glenton war resister Carol Turner Stop the War Coalition

3. Using the media:
Hilary Aitken London Student
Tom Walker Socialist Worker journalist

4. Building solidarity with workers struggles
Juan Carlos Piedra Justice for Cleaners
Mark Campbell London Met UCU Branch Secretary

1pm-1.30 LUNCH provided by SOAS Detainee Support Group

Debate –What kind of education do we want? 1.30-2.30pm
Wes Streeting NUS president
James Haywood NUS NEC

Workshops Round 2: 2.45-3.45pm5. How to organise an occupationClare Solomon SOAS occupation
Estelle Cooch LSE occupation

6. How we use our student unions:
Tom Wills President Sussex SU
Jenny Jones Campaigns Officer Goldsmiths SU

7. How do we stop climate change?
Ian Terry Save Vestas Campaign
Julie Filer Campaign Against Climate Change

8. Fighting the new sexism and homophobia on campus
Judith Orr author of Sexism and the System – a rebels guide to women’s liberation
Tami Peterson NUS LGBT campaign Bisexual Rep & Birkbeck SU

Plenary: Building a democratic, campaigning student movement 4-5.30 pm
Report backs from workshop and main motion. Plus closing remarks from
Mark Bergfeld Essex Uni
Gerry Lecointe Postal worker and CWU member
Jane Hardy UCU NEC
All speakers in personal capacity

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