Friday, 17 July 2009

Jo Robinson, of pageant protests in 1970s to speak at Miss England rally- HURRAH!

Jo Robinson who took part in the famous anti Miss World protest in 1975 at the Royal Albert Hall has agreed to come along on Monday and speak- hurrah!

She was interviewed in the Guardian recently. See below and:

"Jo Robinson was a notorious figure on the feminist circuit in the early 70s. She wore motorbike leathers and rode a Honda 175. At a protest against the Miss World competition at the Royal Albert Hall in 1970, she sprayed a bouncer with blue ink from a water pistol. "That [protest] completely changed our lives," she recalls. "I had a direct feeling of contact with 2,000 years of patriarchy and repression. After that I just questioned the whole thing of what women should do."

Other updates...
**Sandrine Leveque confirmed as speaker from Object,
**Katie Toms is speaking on behalf of London Feminist Network, Anti Porn London and not the Observer
**and the police think we should take legal action against Miss England for 'malicious communications' and homophobic hate crimes as part of our campaign!

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