Saturday, 18 July 2009

Roger Evans (Conservative AM) comments on City Hall Protest

Thanks to Roger Evans (Conservative AM) for his support for our protest and for noticing that rape alarms would be fairly ineffective in a 'real emergency'. Apparently we were 'reasonably dignified' - even by Tory standards.

Rape Protest

... the London Left are rediscovering the joys of disrupting meetings. It was Tube unions last time. This time feminists set off rape alarms during Richard Barnbrook's contribution. They were swiftly escorted from the building. I support their stand against rape and domestic violence and they made their point in a reasonably dignified way. However I was surprised by how quiet the rape alarms were, and I hope they would make a lot more noise in a real emergency - more like my smoke alarm which went off a few weeks ago and was impossible to ignore.

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