Saturday, 5 September 2009

One Week to go!!

One week to go until the Feminist Activist Day, here at Mind the Gap we are whirling like a band of placard wielding dervishes in excitement!


Please REGISTER if you haven't already done so by emailing with your name, union and any access of childcare requirements. Thank you if you have already done this. Please add your friends to the event...

Help Needed

Please also contact us if you can HELP ON THE DAY for an hour or two with things like helping set up stalls, rooms, fetching water for speakers, helping people find workshop rooms etc.

Update on event

Judith Orr is now doing the opening speech on 'the challenges for feminism today and the backlash against feminism' and there will now be a stall from Refuge and a workshop on the RAPE CRISIS Campaign from our very own Beth Evans and Matty from Boris Keep your Promise, who have worked with us on the campaign this term (you may recognise the video below of Boris being ambushed)

and also be of interest....

"One in three teenage girls has suffered sexual abuse from a boyfriend and one in four has experienced violence in a relationship, according to an in-depth study published today"

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