Thursday, 10 September 2009

SATURDAY- Feminist Activist Day at SOAS


Please arrive at SOAS between 10 and 10:30am to register at the desk in the foyer and sign up for your workshops- get there EARLY as for some of them there is limited places due to the nature of the work you will be doing.

LUNCHTIME GIG- In the JCR between 1 and 2 enjoy the musical talents of Bini, Louisa and Surianne and eat cake, pakora and Ugandan food provided by the Detainee support group. The food is £4 for everything, but DO feel free to empty your pockets as all proceeds go to the women who will be doing the cooking, and being asylum seekers it is their only source of income :)

Looking forward to meeting you all and hearing your ideas, lets plan some inspiring actions to get the year off to a energised vibrant start!

Call Elly on 07595672964 with any last minute queries

See you all on Saturday! xxx

Schedule (again)....

London Student Feminists and NUS Women's Committee invite you to a year of London Student Feminist-ing with a


12th September 10- 5:00pm at SOAS followed by music and food into the wee hours.

There will be talks and lectures on how to build vibrant, diverse and effective feminist campaigns in your unions, and a mini feminist freshers fair of stalls in the jcr where you can pick up the materials to do it.

Please forward to all feminist activists, students and non students far and wide, come along, get involved and get fem-inspired!

Facebook invitation:

The morning includes two panel discussions on...

10.45- 11.05 KLT
Elly James- welcome
Judith Orr- the challenge for feminism today

How to Build a Feminist Campaign- 11.05-12 KLT
Liv Bailey- using your union
Elane Hefferman and Elly Badcock- direct action
Clare Solomon- Engaging the media and e-activism

Cross Liberation Campaigns- 12-1 KLT
Deb Viney- Casework and equal opportunities
Rukayah and Hana- black student feminism
Ruth Pearson- Trans and feminism
Dalia and Nattie- LGBT and feminism

LUNCHTIME GIG- JCR- Ugandan food, cake, music and DANCING from Bini, Louisa, and Surianne


2- 2.45 Objectification in Student Unions- Anna Van Heeswick and Elly James
2.50- 3.30 Abortion Rights- Kate Smurthwaite

2-2.45 Reclaim the Night- Finn Mackay
2.50- 330 Rape Crisis in Crisis- Matty and Beth

2-2.45 Working with the NUS Women's Campaign- Liv Bailey
2.50- 3.30 Black students and feminism- Rukayah and Hana

2 -3.30pm G51
Feminist Self Defense- Evy Samuelson and Rheem Al-Adhami (women only)


3:35- 5pm Come together for another session to feedback and plan an exciting calender of feminist freshers events throughout London to inspire an exciting and united year of feminist activism- hurrah!

6pm-11pm Food and Music in the i o e bar.

Please email for registration with your name, institution and any access needs or childcare requirements.

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