Friday, 18 September 2009

Mind the Gap on Woman's Hour: 'The Lolita Effect'

The sexualisation of young girls

It’s being called a media "juggernaut": the mainstream marketing and representation of young girls as sexually desirable objects. A new book 'The Lolita Effect' argues that not only does this create a difficult climate within which to give girls a healthy introduction to sexuality, it also goes some way to normalising the global child pornography industry. So what evidence is there for such a troubling connection? What should we be doing about it, and are all young girls equally vulnerable to the lure of pole-dancing kits and sexy lingerie? Jenni puts these questions to Gigi Durham, author of 'The Lolita Effect', Valerie Walkerdine, Professor in the School of Social Science at Cardiff University and Eleanor James of the campaign group 'Mind the Gap'.

The Lolita Effect by MG Durham is published by Duckworth Overlook ISBN 9780715638040

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