Friday, 18 September 2009

Sign the NUS Statement on Objectification

"We, the undersigned, oppose the objectification and commodification of women at education institutions. We believe that all students should feel safe and free to be themselves, and we stand against trying to force students in to narrow and unrealistic conceptions of what beauty should be. We stand by our commitment to equal opportunities and we will reject events and materials that trot out tired, negative and dangerous stereotypes about how women should look and behave.

We condemn BAM student marketing for advertising Miss University GB, and for facilitating the free distribution of FHM magazine at freshers’ fairs across the country. We ask that BAM retract both promotions, and that they more seriously consider the equal opportunities implications of their actions in future."

***Email the women's campaign to add YOUR name to the list of OVER 93 signatories!!

*** Download a model letter to send to BAM media

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